Latest Angel Honors “World” Caregiver

The latest Lovey’s Angel design was inspired by and is dedicated to my sister, Sue. She devoted many years of her life tending to a very ill spouse while raising five children. The “World” caregiver doesn’t represent a particular disease, it just honors those who embrace the challenge of caring for the ill. My sister carried the weight of her world on her shoulders for many years and did so with amazing grace. Honor a caregiver you know at Click the link to shop for one of a kind products!Lovey's Angel Logo FINAL SP world copy


Meet Lovey’s Angel, created in honor of the unsung heroes of every debilitating “ribbon” disease – the CAREGIVERS. Angel is the one who trudges along beside Lovey, steadies her when she stumbles, and picks her up when she falls.

Lovey’s Angel was introduced in Shirley Alarie’s guide The Road Paved in Pink: A PRACTICAL and PERSONAL Guide for Breast Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones.

Honor an Angel you know and connect with other Angels via the blog or purchase Angel products for a special Angel you know. A generous 30% of the profit from each purchase is donated to the designated cause!

Let’s honor our Angels and find a CURE!

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